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Transportation Management

If you plan large meetings or events one of the critical components of what goes into a successful event is sourcing and contracting transportation for all your meeting / events logistics.

Like all busy planners, ensuring that you are getting the best value or finding a vendor in each market that you have a meeting in can take hours of research, vetting and negotiating. Even with all this due diligence, there is no assurance that what you were sold will be delivered.

Many companies have their partnering production companies’ travel with them to events and/or meetings. Now you can have your Transportation Management Company manage and/or travel with you, ensuring the same excellence in quality standards and value, regardless of where you have a program or event, delivering consistent quality, confidence and value.

As a transportation company, NT&T is able to buy transportation from partnering companies anywhere in the county, at a wholesale cost. We in turn can then provide and manage your transportation requirements, along with our legendary service, at “standard local retail” rates. 

By having one national Transportation Management Company you get all the benefits of a strategic partner without having to explain or train at each location:

1.    How you and/or the transportation manager likes to work and what makes you comfortable 
2.    Service and quality of vehicles expected 
3.    Response time for any needs and/or changes 
4.    Your programs expectations and benchmarks 
5.    Your corporate culture 
6.    Who the decision makers are 
7.    The hierarchy of the corporate leadership 


With one national vendor you will also save all the research and time spent finding and selecting venders in each market, allowing you to focus on more important corporate priorities.

Just imagine the peace of mind and confidence that comes with having your transportation company travel with you so that you know everything will be handled the way you expect it. Every time, everywhere. Please visit our Transportation Management website for more information.